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At Your Service, we understand the importance of a well-organised and clutter-free living space, especially for NDIS participants. Our NDIS Home Decluttering services in Melbourne are designed to create comfortable, accessible, and manageable living environments for individuals with disabilities.

Our NDIS Home Decluttering Services

Personalised Decluttering Plans:
  • Tailored decluttering strategies that align with each participant’s needs and NDIS plan.
  • Focused on creating functional, tidy, and harmonious living spaces.
Compassionate and Skilled Team:
  • Our team is skilled in decluttering and trained to be sensitive to the needs of NDIS participants.
  • We ensure a respectful, understanding, and patient approach to decluttering.
Safe and Efficient Decluttering:
  • Our methods are safe, ensuring no disruption or stress to the participants.
  • Efficient and systematic decluttering that maximises space and functionality.
Ongoing Support and Maintenance:
  • Providing tips and systems to maintain a decluttered and organised environment.
  • Ongoing support options to assist in keeping spaces clutter-free.
Collaboration with NDIS Coordinators:
  • Working closely with NDIS coordinators and plan managers to align our services with participants’ goals.
  • Ensuring our services are effectively contributing to the participants’ plan outcomes.
NDIS Home Decluttering Services Melbourne

Why Choose At Your Service for NDIS Home Decluttering?

  • Understanding of NDIS Requirements: We comprehensively understand NDIS processes and participants’ needs.
  • Customised Service Delivery: Our services are tailored to meet each participant’s unique challenges and preferences.
  • Commitment to Improvement: We are dedicated to enhancing the living conditions and overall well-being of NDIS participants.
  • Trusted and Reliable: We are known for our reliability and trustworthiness in delivering high-quality decluttering services.
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Client Testimonials

“The team from At Your Service was incredible. They understood my needs and transformed my space into a functional and comfortable area.”Rachel T. (NDIS Participant, Melbourne)

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FAQs At Your Service NDIS Home Decluttering

What is NDIS home decluttering?
NDIS home decluttering involves organising and clearing out unnecessary items from the homes of NDIS participants to create a more functional and comfortable living space.

Who is eligible for NDIS home decluttering services?
These services are available to NDIS participants who require assistance organising and maintaining their living spaces due to their disability.

What does the decluttering process involve?
It includes sorting through belongings, organising items, disposing of unnecessary clutter, and arranging the living space to suit the participant’s needs and preferences.

How long does the decluttering process take?
The duration varies based on the size of the home and the amount of clutter. We offer personalised assessments to provide a time estimate.

Are your staff experienced in working with NDIS participants?
Our team is trained and experienced in working compassionately and effectively with NDIS participants.

Can I customise the decluttering service according to my needs?
Absolutely. We tailor our decluttering services to fit the individual requirements and preferences of each NDIS participant.

Is your team trained in handling sensitive or personal items?
Yes, our staff is trained to handle all items with respect and confidentiality, ensuring the privacy and comfort of our clients.

How do I book NDIS home decluttering services with At Your Service?
You can book our services through our website, email, or call us directly. Please provide details of your NDIS plan for a tailored service.

Does your service include the disposal of unwanted items?
Yes, we can assist with the responsible disposal or donation of unwanted items as part of our decluttering service.

How is the service priced?
Our pricing is transparent and aligns with the NDIS price guide. We offer quotes based on individual assessments of each home.