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At Your Service is thrilled to roll out the red carpet for our latest game-changer – Remote Helping Hands. Running a business can sometimes feel like a circus performer, juggling more tasks than you’ve got hands for. That’s where our Virtual Assistants (VAs) step in, offering you the freedom to focus on the big picture while we take care of the details. Let’s unpack how our VAs can be the extra pair of hands your business has been searching for.

Virtual assistants (VAs) are like the Swiss Army knives of the digital world, offering a helping hand to anyone who has more on their plate than they can handle.

What Can a Virtual Assistant Do for You?
  • Customer Service & Support: Our VAs are the friendly faces (or voices) your customers will love, handling inquiries and managing bookings with the utmost professionalism.
  • Administrative Tasks: Ditch the paperwork pile-up! Our VAs tackle invoicing, payments, and supplier coordination, keeping your operations humming smoothly.
  • Marketing & Social Media: A vibrant online presence in today’s digital world is non-negotiable. Our VAs craft compelling content and manage your social media platforms and email marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience.
  • Operational Support: From staff scheduling to gathering feedback, our VAs ensure your business operations are seamless and efficient.
  • Research & Development: Our VAs conduct thorough competitor analysis, market research, and supplier scouting to help you stay ahead of the competition. When thinking about launching a new product or service, thorough research done by our VAs can save you a lot of your time and energy.
Why a Virtual Assistant is Your Business’s New Best Mate
  • Low Cost: Hiring a VA is a cost-effective solution that gives you professional support without the hefty price tag of a full-time employee. It’s quality assistance that won’t break the bank.
  • Easiness to Employ: With us, hiring a VA is as easy as flipping a snag on the barbecue. There are no complicated processes, just a straightforward path to getting the help you need.
  • Time-Saving: Our VAs tackle those time-consuming tasks, freeing up your hours to focus on what really matters – growing your business.
  • Convenience & flexibility: Our virtual assistant will tailor the job description and tasks to fit your unique business needs with unparalleled convenience and flexibility.
  • Lowering Pressure: Feel the stress melt away as our VAs take on the routine tasks that have been weighing you down.
  • Capacity to Do More: With our VAs, you’re not just keeping up but expanding your capabilities and reaching new heights.
  • Scaling Your Workforce: As your business grows, so can your team. Our VAs allow you to scale your workforce up or down as needed without the hassle of hiring or layoffs.
  • Getting Things Done Quickly: Efficiency is the name of the game. Our VAs help you get tasks done quickly, keeping your business moving forward at full speed.
  • Expanding Your Team: Think of our VAs as an extension of your team. They’re here to help you expand your team’s capabilities without the need for additional office space or equipment.
  • Expertise in Digital Marketing & Social Media: Beyond just assistance, our VAs are your partners in marketing, ready to help your brand shine online.
  • Invaluable Research Insights: Our VAs provide detailed research and insights to help you make more intelligent and more informative business decisions.
  • Follow-Up Calls: Our VAs ensure every lead or customer inquiry runs smoothly with timely and professional follow-up calls, boosting customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Cold Calling: Are you looking to expand your customer base and for more leads?
    Who enjoys cold calling? No one. BS!
There is a science behind it, and if you fear rejection, you will never make any cold calls in your life.

However, our trained VAs can handle cold calling, opening the door to new opportunities and potential clients with a friendly and persuasive approach.

Real Talk from Our Clients
“Remote Helping Hands has transformed our operations. The low-cost model meant we could expand our team without expanding our budget. Our VA, Chris, has become an indispensable part of our crew”

Alex. (Boutique Store Owne)

Testimonial from a Business Coach
“The flexibility and efficiency of Remote Helping Hands have been a game-changer for us. Thanks to our fantastic VA, we’ve scaled our efforts up during peak seasons and streamlined operations”

Sam (Beauty Salon Owner)

“In the dynamic world of business coaching, where every interaction and piece of advice can pivot a client’s future, the administrative and operational aspects can sometimes become overwhelming. That’s where Remote Helping Hands stepped in and truly transformed my operations. My VA, Jordan, has not only taken the reins on scheduling and client follow-ups but has also brought a level of organisation to my operations that I didn’t think was possible.

Jordan’s adeptness at managing my social media has amplified my online presence, connecting me with a broader audience and establishing me as a thought leader in my niche. The cold calling and follow-up services have been invaluable, helping me significantly expand my client base. Moreover, Jordan’s proactive approach to researching the latest business trends and tools has enabled me to offer cutting-edge advice to my clients.

Remote Helping Hands has not just been a service; it’s been a partnership that has allowed me to focus more on my passion for coaching and less on the minutiae of business operations. Their flexibility, efficiency, and the sheer quality of work have exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend them highly enough to any business coach looking to elevate their practice.”

Casey (Business Coach)

Testimonial from a Tradesperson
“Running a trades business involves more than just hands-on work; it’s the bookings, quotes, follow-ups, and endless paperwork that can really slow you down. That was my world before I discovered Remote Helping Hands. Bringing a VA into my team was a game-changer. Mia, my dedicated VA, has revolutionised how we operate. From the get-go, Mia took charge of the administrative tasks, streamlining our processes and significantly reducing our response times to customer inquiries and quote requests.

Her ability to manage my schedule means I can focus more on the job at hand rather than worrying about missing calls or appointments. Mia’s initiative to follow up on quotes and inquiries has not only improved our customer service but also increased job bookings. Most impressively, Mia has taken our basic social media efforts and turned them into a robust marketing strategy, enhancing our local reputation and attracting a broader clientele.

The impact of Remote Helping Hands on my business has been profound. The cost-effectiveness of the service is just the cherry on top. Mia’s work has allowed me to grow my business, take on more complex projects, and, ultimately, provide better service to my customers. For any tradesperson feeling bogged down by the business side of things, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Remote Helping Hands a go. It’s not just an investment in your business; it’s an investment in your peace of mind.”

Riley (Electrician)

Review from a Builder
“As a builder, my days are packed with on-site management and client meetings, leaving little time for paperwork and scheduling. That changed when I brought a VA from Remote Helping Hands on board. Sarah has been phenomenal, handling my bookings, supplier liaisons, and even preliminary client consultations with ease. It’s like she’s given me an extra eight hours in my day. The efficiency and peace of mind she’s brought to my business are invaluable. Highly recommend to any builder looking to streamline their operations.”

Mark (Builder)

Review from a Property Investment Advisor
“In the fast-paced world of property investment, staying ahead of market trends and maintaining strong client relationships are key. My VA, Alex, from Remote Helping Hands, has been instrumental in achieving this. From conducting market research to managing my email campaigns and client follow-ups, Alex has helped elevate my advisory services to a new level. The professionalism and skill set of VAs from Remote Helping Hands are unmatched. A game-changer for any property investment professional.”

Sophia (Property Investment Advisor)

Review from a Painter
“I’ve always believed that a painter’s work speaks for itself, but visibility is crucial in today’s digital age. Enter my VA, Danny, from Remote Helping Hands, who’s taken my online presence from zero to hero. Managing my social media, fielding inquiries, and scheduling jobs, Danny has allowed me to focus on what I do best – painting. The growth in business since he came on board is something I couldn’t have achieved on my own. For painters out there, a VA can truly colour your business with success.”

Liam (Painter)

Review from a Plumber
“Dealing with emergency call-outs and routine jobs left me no time to manage the administrative side of my plumbing business. That’s where my VA, Emma, came in. Her ability to juggle scheduling, customer service, and invoicing has transformed how I operate. I’m now more organised, responsive, and, importantly, able to take on more work. Emma’s support has been a crucial part of my business’s growth. Remote Helping Hands offers a lifeline for plumbers swamped with work and needing an organisational overhaul.”

Noah (Plumber)

Review from a Cleaning Company
“Running a cleaning company involves a lot more than just cleaning. The backend work was starting to take a toll on our ability to expand. That’s when we decided to try Remote Helping Hands. Our VA, Chloe, has been exceptional in handling client bookings, feedback, and even our social media marketing efforts. Her work has not only improved our operational efficiency but also significantly boosted our customer satisfaction levels. Chloe has become an integral part of our team, and we can’t imagine going back to how things were before.”

Ava (Cleaning Company Owner)

Q&A for Your Virtual Assistant Service

What services do virtual assistants (VAs) provide?
Our VAs offer a wide range of services to support your business needs, including administrative tasks, customer support, scheduling, social media management, email marketing, research, and much more.

How can a virtual assistant benefit my business?
A VA can save you time by handling routine tasks, reducing your workload, improving efficiency, and allowing you to focus on strategic aspects of your business, leading to growth and increased profitability.

Is it expensive to hire a virtual assistant?
Hiring a VA is cost-effective compared to a full-time employee. You save on overhead costs and only pay for the hours or tasks completed, making it a flexible and affordable option.

How do I communicate with my virtual assistant?
Depending on what works best for you and your VA, communication can be done via email, phone calls, video conferencing, or project management tools.

Can a virtual assistant work in any time zone?
Our VAs are flexible and can adjust their working hours to match your time zone and business needs.

How do I choose the right virtual assistant for my business?
We match you with a VA based on your business needs, required tasks, and preferred skills. We ensure a good fit to make the partnership successful.

What if I'm not satisfied with my virtual assistant's work?
We strive for complete satisfaction. If you’re unhappy with your VA’s work, we’ll work with you to resolve any issues or match you with a different VA.

How quickly can a virtual assistant start working for me?
A VA can start working for you as soon as you’ve defined your needs and we’ve matched you with the right assistant, typically within a few days.

Are virtual assistants trained in specific industries?
Many VAs have expertise in specific industries. Let us know your industry, and we’ll match you with a VA with relevant experience and skills.

How secure is my business information with a virtual assistant?
Security is a top priority. Our VAs sign confidentiality agreements to ensure your business information remains secure and private.