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Welcome to At Your Service – Your Compassionate NDIS Home Organising Partner

At Your Service, we specialise in providing comprehensive NDIS home organising services in Melbourne. Our mission is to create a positive impact on the lives of NDIS participants by offering tailored organising solutions that cater to the unique needs of each individual.

Our NDIS Home Organising Services

Customised Organising Solutions:
  • We provide hands-on support in decluttering and organising various home areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, and sheds. Our flexible approach ensures it aligns with your specific needs and preferences​​.
  • Our team is adept at handling paperwork and digital content organisation, helping you manage your information more effectively and gain control over your space​​​​​​.
Empowering Participants:
  • Our services are designed to improve daily living by creating an organised and functional home. We focus on enhancing the safety and functionality of your living environment​​​​.
  • We aim to establish organisational and life skills that promote independent living, empowering you to engage more actively within the community​​​​.
Flexibility and Inclusivity:
  • Understanding the varying abilities of our clients, we ensure our services are inclusive and adaptable. We provide the necessary physical assistance while encouraging your involvement in decision-making processes​​​​.
NDIS Home Organising Services Melbourne

Why Choose At Your Service?

  • Expertise in Home Organising: Our team brings years of experience and specialised knowledge in NDIS home organising.
  • Respectful and Empathetic Approach: We offer a non-judgmental, patient, and empathetic service, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by each client.
  • Customised Service Plans: Each service is thoughtfully tailored to meet your specific organising needs and goals.
  • Holistic Support: Beyond organising, we aim to impart skills and strategies for maintaining a decluttered and organised space.
NDIS Professional Home Organiser Melbourne

Client Testimonials

“My home is now organised and functional, significantly easing my daily routine. Highly recommended for anyone seeking quality organising services.”Jordan M.

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Transform your home into a more organised, functional, and comfortable space with At Your Service. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and to schedule a service.Join the many who have found peace and functionality in their homes with our professional home organising services.

FAQs about our Home Organising Service

What services does At Your Service offer for NDIS Home Organising?
We offer comprehensive organising services, including decluttering various areas of the home, paperwork and digital content organisation, and establishing maintenance systems to keep your space organised​​.

How does At Your Service tailor its home organising services to individual needs?
We provide customised solutions based on a detailed assessment of your needs. Our approach is flexible and adaptable to ensure we meet your specific requirements​​​​.

Can At Your Service help with organising paperwork and digital files?
Yes, we offer services to help organise paperwork and digital content, making information management more accessible and efficient​​.

Are At Your Service's organisers experienced working with NDIS participants?
Our team is experienced and trained in working with NDIS participants, offering patient, non-judgmental, and compassionate assistance​​​​.

Is physical assistance provided during the organising process?
Yes, we provide the necessary physical assistance, including lifting and carrying, while ensuring your involvement in decision-making processes​​​​.

What areas of the home can At Your Service organise?
We can organise all areas of the home, including kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, and home offices​​​​​​.

How does At Your Service ensure the service is inclusive and adaptable?
We understand varying abilities and provide inclusive and adaptable services to each client’s capacity and comfort level​​​​.

How can I book an NDIS Home Organising service with At Your Service?
You can book our services by calling us at 03 8583 9199 or

Can At Your Service work with plan-managed NDIS participants?
Yes, we work with both self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants. We recommend discussing our services with your Plan Manager or Support Coordinator​​​​.

What are the benefits of NDIS Home Organising services?
Benefits include improved daily living through a functional and organised home, enhanced safety, and the development of organisational skills that promote independent living​​​​.